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Pengxin Coupling

Pengxin Coupling Beckum, Germany has been manufacturing fluid couplings, fluid pulleys and safety chucks in Beckum, Germany since 1996.We established Pengxin Coupling in 1996 as a manufacturer and supplier of clutches and couplings.Our products are fluid couplings, shaft fluid couplings and chamber fluid couplings.Through our commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, high-quality products and quality services, we are able to provide value-added solutions to the expanding needs of our customers.The company uses the most advanced technology and highly skilled human resources to work.We provide repair and maintenance services to our valuable customers.We have established a world-class infrastructure, equipped with a long list of efficient machines, to allow us to easily produce and store the entire compilation.In order to speed up all business practices, we divided the entire organization into multiple departments, such as quality control, sales and marketing, warehousing and packaging, logistics, administration, and several other departments.Our team of experienced R&D experts continue to work hard to further improve the quality of our products and services.Under the wise guidance and leadership of our respected manager Mr. Shriram R. Mhaskar, our company continues to grow and develop.Our mentor's regular motivation and rich industry experience and knowledge help us do our best to achieve organizational goals.

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