Fluid Coupling


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The hydrodynamic coupling is a device of transmission of primary importance and has a large field of application. It is simultaneously a gradual starter and a stress eliminator and it is able to create in every moment and automatically and equilibrium between the motor and transmission of the operating machine: therefore it eliminates every dangerous and unexpected overload and protects the motor and the transmissions as well.


The Hydrodynamic coupling, inserted into a transmission for starting up a high inertia machine controlled by ab asynchronous electric motor with Direct on Line Startin, has the following advantages:

  • Eliminate the rigidity of the mechanical transmissions and guarantess the flexibility of a Hydraulic transmission, withstanding all the shocks, torsional vibrations and unexpected overloads, and protect the motor and driving machine.
  • Reduces peak current during start-up. The electric motor rapidly reaches the operating speeds with low peak current.
  • Permits smaller motor sizes according to the power demand of the driven machine.
  • Permits a high stop start duty cycle even under load, sudden changes of direction and plug(reverse) braking.
  • Distributes the load installations where two or more motors are installed. The Hydrodynamic coupling allows every motor to reach its own operation speed, automatically distributing load demand.